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Whitefish Municipal Court is the city court of Whitefish, Montana. For misdemeanor DUIs which are alleged to have occurred within Whitefish city limits, this Court has jurisdiction. If you’ve been charged with a DUI in Whitefish, the charges may be for a DUI or a DUI per se. A DUI conviction in Whitefish Municipal Court, or any city court, is just as serious as anywhere else. The conviction becomes a permanent part of your criminal history and you are subject to the same range of penalties as in county court.

Whitefish DUI AttorneyA DUI trial in Whitefish is no different than anywhere else. It occurs in the courtroom located at the Whitefish Emergency Services Center, and involves a judge, the Honorable Bradley Johnson, presiding over testimony, evidence and arguments. Some of my clients have been under the mistaken impression that city court charges are somehow less important that others. This is just not true, and it is just important to protect your rights in city court as in Justice Court or District Court. DUI convictions in Whitefish Municipal Court are a serious matter and worth addressing.

Cases usually begin with an arrest by the Whitefish Police Department. Whether this stems from a traffic stop or a traffic accident, the investigation and arrest are handled by local police officers. Most often, following an arrest for DUI in Whitefish, the accused are transported to Flathead County Detention Center. This can lead to some confusion as to whether the charges are in Whitefish Municipal Court, or in a Flathead County Court. The fact that you were transported to FVDC does not change where your charges initiated. The best way to tell what court your case is in is to examine the paperwork you were given following the arrest. But, as a rule of thumb, if you were arrested for your first, second, or third DUI in Whitefish City limits, odds are that your case is being handled by city court.

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