What to do After a DUI Arrest in Montana

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI in Montana, here is a list of things that you should do:

If your license was revoked because you refused a test, you should file a Petition for Return of Driver’s License.  In Montana you have 30 days to request the hearing in District Court for the County where you have been charged.

Don’t make assumptions. Just because you were registered at having a BAC over 0.08 doesn’t mean you’ve lost your case.  Let your Montana DUI attorney investigate to make sure that the reading was accurate.

Write everything down you can remember about the incident.

Gather witnesses who can testify about that night. Especially if they can help pin down how much you had to drink and that you were sober.

Do not fail to appear in Court. When you were released, you were given a Court date. Don’t miss it.

Call an attorney. Find one (like myself) who offers a free consultation. At the very least, pick their brain and learn everything you can for an hour. Even if you don’t decide to hire him, you’ll leave the appointment knowing more than you did before.

Failing to become educated and understanding the dangers of a DUI is probably the most important thing to think about.  Most people don’t understand the implications of their DUI arrest.

If you have been charged with DUI in Montana, call me today at 406-752-6373 to schedule a free appointment. Learn everything you can, because I can assure you the Prosecutor has done this before.

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