Montana DUI Court

A new specialty court designed to intervene with repeat drunken driving offenders will open in Butte on October 1st. Currently the Court has funding to stay open for the next three years based on a Department of Justice grant.

The DUI court is designed for people convicted of two or three misdemeanor DUIs and who are at high risk to re-offend. The court may also select young drivers with one DUI, but who had a high blood-alcohol level. The court will only deal with misdemeanor offenders. Under Montana law, people are not charged with a felony until their fourth drunken driving offense.

The four-phase program may last 12 to 18 months for individuals. The court will include judicially monitored treatment programs and supervision. The goal is to provide incentives through the treatment for the offender not to re-offend once completing the program.

The goal is to get 15 offenders into the program in the first year. However, he said they will soon be able to handle as many as 50 people as the court gains momentum.

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