Libby, MT DUI Attorney

A person charged with Driving Under the Influence in Libby, MT may face misdemeanor or felony DUI charges depending on facts specific to each offense. The charges may be filed in Libby city court, Lincoln County Justice Court, or Lincoln County District Court. Misdemeanor charges can be heard in city and justice court, while felony charges must take place in District Court.

Libby City Court is for misdemeanor DUIs which take place in Libby City limits. A drunk driving conviction in Libby City Court, or any city court, is very serious. A conviction is a permanent part of your criminal history and subjects you to the same penalties as in another court.

A DUI trial in Libby operates under the same rules as the rest of Montana. It occurs in the courtroom, and involves a judge. Testimony, evidence and arguments are admitted by attorneys and guilt or innocence is determined by a judge or jury. Some people believe that city court charges are somehow less important or serious that other courts. This is not true. You must protect your rights in city court as in Justice Court or District Court. DUI convictions in Libby are a serious matter and worth addressing.

As with any DUI charges, I offer a free consultation for defendants in Libby City Court or Lincoln County Justice or District Court. Call today to schedule a free appointment.

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