Kalispell DUI Court

Kalispell Municipal Court operates the only DUI Court in Flathead County. DUI Courts are an attempt to reduce drunk driving by habitual offenders who are not typically affected by education or public safety efforts, nor by traditional legal sanctions. A DUI Court is optional and up to the defendant. If a person chooses to use the DUI Court, he or she enters into a contract that allows the Court to impose long-term changes in behavior by treatment of underlying substance abuse issues.

Treatment for chemical dependency is a major part of the DUI Court approach. It typically involves the SCRAM bracelet for 30 to 90 days, urine analysis, EtG blood testing, and frequent breath testing at court appearances, home visits, and treatment sessions.

A progressive system of incentives and sanctions discourages continued alcohol use by increasing accountability and access to other services. Ideally, this helps the defendant achieve sobriety, learn pro-social behaviors, and become a productive member of society.

Repeat offenders are the primary target of Montana DUI Courts and the Kalispell DUI Court in particular. Kalispell’s Court is overseen by Kalispell Municipal Court Judge Heidi Ulbricht and held in her courtroom at Kalispell City Hall. It has been a Montana DUI Court since 2008 when the program began in the Flathead Valley.

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