Flathead Beacon Article on Drinking and Driving

The Fathead Beacon published an article online today which addresses the changes occurring throughout Montana in relation to drinking and driving. It starts by recounting Montana’s history of being lenient on DUI. Perhaps it was a part of the old-west mentality left behind, perhaps just the reality of thousands of miles of highway with such a small population. Whatever, the reason, the article claims “you could crack open a beer while driving down the interstate just about as fast as you liked.”

But all that is changing. High profile deaths of Highway Patrolmen and repeat offenders taking DUI charges to absurd heights are leading our judges and legislature to reevaluate how they address this problem.

And there is no denying that driving drunk is dangerous, especially in Montana:

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that Montana led all states in 2008 in alcohol-related traffic fatalities per miles traveled. Montana had 229 that year in a state with just 1 million residents — compared to Rhode Island, which has about the same population but only had only 65 such deaths.

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