Drunk Driving in Kalispell

If you are arrested for Drunk Driving in Kalispell, Montana, you could find yourself in any one of a number of different courts. If you were arrested by Kalispell City Police for DUI within Kalispell city limits, you will likely be charged in Kalispell City Court with Judge Heidi Ulbricht. If you are arrested by County or State Officers, like the Flathead County Sheriff’s Department or the Montana Highway Patrol, you will be tried in Flathead County Court, meaning either Flathead Justice Court or Flathead District Court.

Almost certainly, the initial appearance for a DUI will be in Justice Court. At this hearing, you will be advised of your rights and often enter a plea of guilty or not-guilty. I almost-always recommend that people plead not-guilty at this stage.

Whether your charges are a misdemeanor DUI or a felony DUI will determine where your case goes from there. Misdemeanor DUIs are tried in Justice Court, while felony DUIs take place in District Court. For a standard DUI, whether your charges are misdemeanor or felony depend on the number of past convictions for DUI you have. A first, second, and third DUI in Montana is a misdemeanor offense. A fourth or subsequent DUI in Montana is a felony.

It is important to realize that Drunk Driving charges can have lasting effects on your life and should be treated very seriously. While it may be tempting to quickly plead guilty and have the whole affair over with, the quick fix now may haunt you for the rest of your life.

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