Cost and Prices

In all DUI matters, I offer a free initial consultation. Given that for a first-time DUI, you face up to six months in jail, I think everyone should have the opportunity to speak with a DUI specialist. Call (406) 752-6373 today to speak with me or to schedule an appointment.

Flat Fee: $2,500

I offer a flat fee in first and second offense DUI Cases. I find my clients enjoy the protection of a flat fee structure because it provides certainty on the costs of my representation. No matter how many hours I put into the case, their fees will not increase.

The first stage includes representation of your DUI case and up to trial. I will prepare your case as though it were going to trial, and attempt to negotiate the best plea-agreement possible. If your case proceeds to trial, you elect a bench trial (also known as a judge trial) or a jury trial.

Full payment is required at the time I am retained. I accept cash, check, major credit cards, and collateral in some cases.

For third and subsequent offense DUI I also offer flat fees. Please ask for a quote in your case at your free case review.


I also represent Montanans in DUI Appeals in District Court and the Montana Supreme Court. Whether I represented you at the trial level or not, I can provide knowledgable and skilled representation if you need to appeal your case. This is a separate fee from the trial level, but still handled on a flat fee basis. If you’re interested in appealing your case – it is important that you act quickly because you are under strict deadlines. Call me today to get started.