Missoula DUI Attorney

As a Montana DUI Attorney, I serve all of western Montana – representing ordinary people accused of drunk driving or diving while impaired. Because of its size, Missoula is one of the major areas for DUI charges. As one of the largest cities in the state, Missoula has a huge number of DUI arrests and charges each year. Between Missoula Municipal Court, Missoula Justice Court, and Missoula District Court, there are a number of places your DUI charges could be filed. But the same rules apply as they do across the state of Montana regarding which Missoula Court has jurisdiction for the DUI.

Because I specialize in DUI, the location of the Court makes little difference (so long as its within the state of Montana). The faces change, but the law stays the same. In Missoula, Kalispell, Bozeman or Miles City a Montana DUI is a Montana DUI. And the defendants are entitled to the same rights and protections anywhere in the state.

If you have been accused of a DUI in Missoula, please call me for a free consultation. Although my office is in Kalispell, my practice is across western Montana. Call 406-752-6373 to set up a free, no obligation, consultation either over the phone or in person. At those prices, what have you got to lose?