Columbia Falls, Montana DUI/DWI Attorney

In Montana, municipal courts have jurisdiction for first and second DUI offenses. This means that if you are charged with DUI within Columbia Falls city limits, your DUI case will take place in Columbia Falls city court. If the arrest takes place outside any city limits, then Flathead County has jurisdiction and your case will be in Flathead County Justice Court (or whatever county you were in at the time of your arrest).

For a third DUI offense, Columbia Falls city court and Flathead County District Court have concurrent jurisdiction. This means that the case could be in either Columbia Falls city court or Flathead County District Court. It can not, however, be in both. The Double Jeopardy Clause to the Constitution prevents this (along with state law).

A fourth DUI is a felony charge and must be tried in District Court. So even if you are arrested in Columbia Falls by the Columbia Falls Police Department, if it is your fourth offense, your case will be held in Flathead County District Court. And remember, DUI or DWI charges from other states will count toward this number. It is not only your Montana DUIs that qualify.

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