Are Alcoholic Energy Drinks Safe?

The combination of alcohol and caffeine in a single beverage may lead to an increase in DUIs in the Flathead Valley and all of Montana. Drinks like Sparks, Wide Eye, and Smirnoff Raw Tea can hide the intoxicating effects of alcohol, possibly leading to an increase in drunk driving and other destructive behavior.

The last thing we need in Montana is more drunk drivers on the road. The energizing effect of caffeine tends to create alert drunks who think they can drive. Because they don’t feel as impaired, people drinking these concoctions may be more likely to get behind the wheel while a danger to themselves and others.

Remember, when drinking something new and different, it is especially important to be aware of how much alcohol you have consumed, and how impaired you are. And if there is any question, do yourself (and me) a favor: get a ride.

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